14th May 2020

A message from our CEO Tim Jones

Dear Team

In light of the Government announcement at the weekend - 10/05/2020, I wanted to take the opportunity to assure all of the teams employed at the campuses that HOST will continue its vigorous approach in following the Government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 and its aim to become a ‘COVID-19 Secure Workplace’.

It is vitally important to us our teams can carry out their duties in an environment that complies with the recommended guidance and your safety whilst at work is our principle objective.

To support this aim there have been a number of ‘Working Safely’ guides that have been published by the Government giving advice to businesses on how to work safely during the pandemic; to assess the risks, enable social distancing and enhance hygiene procedures.

HOST have already implemented a number of these working practices that have now become imbedded as part of our day to day working lives and there will be additional measures introduced once an assessment of the guides has been carried out.

The Government also announced a return to work for people who are unable to work from home and a return to school for children in certain age groups. I would like to assure our teams there will be support if you or your families face any challenges due to these recent changes, so please raise any concerns with the HR team who will explore your options with you.

HOST will continue to keep abreast of the ever-changing landscape in the fight against the pandemic and I would like to thank you again for your hard work and commitment to the business during these difficult times.

Please continue to keep each other safe.

Tim Jones