Zero Harm Week

We believe all harm is preventable. That’s why Zero Harm is an enduring priority for us. This ambition means making sure our workplaces are safe and healthy for everyone: our employees and anyone working on our behalf.

It is important to recognise the challenge that we are facing. COVID-19 has provided us an opportunity to become more dynamic with the way we engage with our Team, Guests and Visitors. As such, many of the activities available last year have had to be removed in the interest of safety. We will look forward to a time when these activities and the hard work taken to organise these activities can return.

Zero Harm Week 2019 Poster Collection

What are HOST Values:

Be Collaborative

Work as a team and share ideas

Be Caring

Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated

Be Outstanding

Be the best person you can be everyday

Be Ambitious

There is no such thing as failure, just a lesson

Be Inclusive

One team, one goal