Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

HOST was able to provide support for NHS Somerset Foundation Trust when they needed it most by providing them with free accommodation for their team members who needed a place to stay during these hard times.

It is heart warming to know local businesses have been coming together in all communities offering support to our Key Workers through COVID-19.


Our very own Security Officer has been staying at the HOST Campuses and she wanted to share her story with us:

"I have been staying on campus because I live with my daughter and my mum who is 72. She was recently diagnosed with CPOD and angina as well asthma so her breathing isn’t great. She was really worried about me coming home every day from work and potentially carrying the virus home with me so when host agreed to let me move onto the campus. This made my mum feel much safer to stay at home and isolate with my daughter.

I also wanted to thank Barry from the kitchen personally, he really looked after me when he was working so that I could eat a meal that catered to my vegan dietary requirements. He has really made an effort to make sure I could eat well."

Our Security Officer Pete has been staying at the HOST Campuses and she wanted to share her story with us:

"My name is Pete Swann and work for G4S Secure Solutions under the HOST umbrella on both Hinkley and Sedgmoor campuses. On March 10th I booked in for my initial stay of 4 nights like previous occasions however this stay was turning out to be more of a permanent one because of the pandemic (Covid-19) that was taking hold on the UK. My partner had received notice from the NHS advising to isolate for 12 weeks as she fell under the at risk category. After my initial shift was over I had to extend my stay for the duration and return home to collect more cloths and personal items as the campus

was about to become my home for the foreseeable future. I had been on campus a couple of weeks and was notified that EDF was going to subsidise the room bill which came not only as a great surprise but a great relief and I am grateful to EDF for the gesture. Both campuses had to quickly adapt to changes following the government advise with the staff and guests environment on the campuses change that have never been experienced in our generation before. I have to say the time on campus was very comfortable however has sometimes been difficult more so with restricted movement outside of the room due to the pandemic and government advice which HOST have followed for the duration. I have been able to turn to G4S colleagues and HOST Team for support when needed and is a great relief to have that support network on site which guests are also entitled to and can experience at any time throughout there stay. I have now returned home and looking forward to catching up with family and friends that I have not seen for 4 months."