Meetings and Events

As COVID-19 Continues to have an impact of every part of our lives, here at HOST we understand that while the new normal is not going anywhere soon we need to try and help where we can.  We have configured all our meeting rooms to meet the new health and safety government guidelines.

HOST have also facilitated the use of our meeting rooms and spaces to enable meetings within campus to go ahead while better adhering to social distancing.  These spaces and those still in use have been designated with a safe number of individuals in them at one time. This is maintained by the vigilance of the team occupying the rooms and our onsite teams and in our pre-checks prior to events.  This has removed the need to have people work in close proximity within meeting room spaces and allows us to welcome you to our campuses.

We have a number of measures in place to allow us to continue to operate as a critical business site, and have worked alongside the government advice and our health and safety team to ensure we are constantly updating and abiding by the suggested methods. Across the campuses we have section by section limitations due to COVID restrictions,  and have practices in place and planned processes that we carry out to ensure we are kept operational.

You can find a section on COVID-19 and the site by pressing the button next to this information, we are also happy to answer any questions you may have around this and your needs for meeting facilities.

Please find some dimensions and diagrams on the page – these all abide by COVID-19 rules and regulations and we are happy to discuss any needs you have.

We will be as flexible to your needs as possible while adhering to the current climate and are looking forward to having the opportunity to HOST you in our facilities.

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