COVID-19 Update

Thermal imaging cameras have been set up at the entrance to the restaurant at Sedgemoor Campus and at Hinkley Campus.

These specialist thermal cameras accurately monitor the temperature of pedestrians entering a designated screening area.

They have been set up to assist with the observation and monitoring the health of our Team Members and guests. They can be used as a vital tool in the detection of an elevated body temperature which may indicate the presence of a fever, a symptom of the Coronavirus.

We are aware that high body temperature reading does not necessarily relate to a virus in 100% of instances, it does however give us a good indication and grounds to address the person and professionally manage the situation accordingly.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 HOST have been working extremely hard to ensure the safety of their guests and the HOST team.
In line with Her Majesty’s Government, campus bars, gyms and sports pitches remain closed until further notice.


The cleaning of bedrooms has been reduced to once weekly and should guests require additional items these are left outside of bedroom doors. Only essential maintenance work is being carried out in bedrooms.
Bedrooms of guests who have chosen to self-isolate or have shown symptoms of COVID-19 are left empty for a minimum of 72hours prior to any cleaning of the bedroom taking place.
The government has placed no restriction on key workers returning to their permanent residence, however, we would discourage this.


Our restaurants remain open, following strict social distancing guidelines, and we continue to encourage guests to take advantage of our ‘take-out’ service which is constantly being reviewed.
Two meter distancing stickers can be found on the restaurant floors, and there are plenty of posters and monitors throughout the central amenities buildings advising the HOST team and guests of practical ways in which to stop the spread.

Cutlery is pre-wrapped in napkins by staff wearing gloves and is given to each customer to avoid unnecessary touching of cutlery. A similar procedure is in place for condiments.
Help yourself salad bars have been replaced by pre-packed salads.

Dining tables in the restaurant are well spaced and adhere to the two-meter distancing rule.

Guests are, more than ever, encouraged to purchase meal inclusive packages so that all food has been pre-paid prior to arrival, however, when cash payments are required contact payment is encouraged. Cleaning of the restaurant and central amenities building is taking place more frequently than usual, with touch points being sanitised every 15 minutes.


Relevant PPE is provided for all team members and each team member has been issued with their own sanitiser, in addition to washing their hands regularly. Additional hand sanitisers have been placed throughout the central amenities building and the HOST team and guests are encouraged to use them at all times.

Barriers are in place at reception and at the restaurant tills to protect our guests and team members.

The HOST team are aware of the employee assistance program and have been given additional resources to cope with any anxiety they may be feeling at this difficult time. HOST continue to work with SPS to ensure the safe transportation of their team to and from campus.


Any team member who is able to work from home is doing so. Face to face meetings of more than two people have been cancelled and replaced by online meetings. Team members required to be in the offices are adhering to the social distancing rule. Work spaces are sanatised regularly through the day.

HOST take the safety and wellbeing of their guests and team extremely seriously, and will continue to work alongside NNB within Government guidelines during this difficult time.

Red Phase Actions include but not limited to;

  • Regular and frequent hand washing for everyone, good personal hygiene inc daily showers and daily change of our own PPE i.e. Chefs wear
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning & sanitising of team & public toilets, changing rooms, offices, hand contact areas to 2 hourly intervals.
  • Disposing of paper, leaflets, creeping crud, unnecessary items from all front of house, back of house & office areas.
  • Ensuring that everyone cleans & sanitises their work area / station including all associated hand contact areas every 2 hours.
  • Anyone presenting with a high temperature or a new continuous cough to be sent home for self-isolation.
  • During service in Food & Beverage areas cleaning and sanitising service areas in public contact every 15 minutes, removing sachets from display, dispense cutlery in bags / napkins, recycle tongs and serving utensils every 15 minutes through the high temperature wash.
  • Ensuring guests are informed upon check in and upon entry to the Restaurants to use the hand sanitisers without delay.